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* Please be aware that the Software Token registration cannot be completed until you enter your Square Enix ID, date of birth, and registration password into the application.

* The registration password will expire after 60 minutes.

If your password expires, you must restart the re-registration process from step 1.

* The “Registration Password” refers to the password that is sent to the email address registered to your Square Enix account in step 7.

is on its way, what with this being the month of October and all.Square Enix Account Management System: D (2) Open the “One-Time Password” page found below the “Services and Options” category.(3) Select “Configure Software Token Application” at the bottom of the page and choose “Software Token Registration.” (4) Select either “Software Token for i Phone and i Pod touch” or “Software Token for Android” depending on the type of operating system installed on your device.(8) Launch the application after it has been installed, choose your language, and then enter your Square Enix ID, registered date of birth, and the registration password that was sent to you.This will complete the Software Token registration.

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How to confirm your Software Token Emergency Removal Password (1) Log in to the Square Enix Account Management System.