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She is also a star and working currently in accordance to VH1.

She is 25 years of age and active since the year 2001.

Players and dancers are forbidden to date, which only makes breaking the rules more tempting as history seems to repeat itself.

Devil Girls' team captain, Jelena Howard (Logan Browning) is dating player Terrence Wall (Robert Christopher Riley) flouting the rules as the classic "mean girl" trying to keep Ahsha off balance because she sees her as a threat. The series was created and executive produced by La Rosa, alongside Bryan Johnson and Maggie Malina.

Olivia (Charlotte Ross) is the shrewd squad manager, Jelena (Browning) is the ruthless star captain of the dance team who won’t let anyone outshine her and Pete Davenport (Dean Cain) is the former All-Star who’s come back to coach his old team only to have to contend with the girls both stealing the spotlight and distracting his players.

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I swear I like 'em all.' To me I can find beauty in any woman.” Links to Mc Kinley Freeman's full appearance can be found on You Tube and i Tunes. v=Oc4e Qv1PU1k After Buzz TV's Hit The Floor aftershow, hosted by Alikona Bradford, Mark E.

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Taylour Paige is one of the most original people you'll ever meet. The one thing you don't have to worry about is whether or not she'll be honest with you, because she'll tell you the absolute truth. Mckinley the actor is never more important than Derek the character.” On taping an elevator scene: “When [Taylor Paige and I] shot the scene in the elevator, literally we spent fourteen hours in this elevator.

(afterbuzztv.com)-- Hit The Floor's Mc Kinley Freeman made an appearance on After Buzz TV's Hit The Floor aftershow last Monday night. The one thing you don't have to worry about is whether or not she'll be honest with you, because she'll tell you the absolute truth.” On taping romantic scenes: Mc Kinley says, “Nothing says intimate like 200 people walking around, while people are fixing your clothes. That was where we were the whole day, so there's this forced intimacy anyway.” On his most embarrassing moment on set: Mc Kinley says, “The first day of the second episode, there was a scene where I walk into a room where all the girls are trying on their stuff and everything.

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Don Stark who plays Oscar Kinkade, the owner of the basketball team, and Robert Christopher Riley, who plays star player Terrence, were upgraded to series regulars from guest star status in the pilot.

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