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Sex dating in whitewater kansas

In December 2004, Bannon and others, “peasants with the pitchforks storming the lord’s manor,” as he told a New York Times reporter, congregated at an event called the Liberty Film Festival.After one screening Bannon was crushed in a bear hug by the online provocateur Andrew Breitbart, “squeezing me like my head’s going to blow up and saying how we’ve gotta take back the culture.”Breitbart wasn’t yet the “pirate king” of the new tabloid right that was forming on the Internet.Trump has had many biographers, but it was Green who did the first in-depth reporting on Bannon, in a long Bloomberg profile in October 2015, ten months before Bannon formally joined the Trump campaign and rescued it from what looked like certain defeat.Previously, Bannon had been an informal adviser while making Breitbart News, the website he had run since 2012, Trump’s main propaganda auxiliary, surpassing Fox News, which had been divided over Trump and roiled by a sexual harassment scandal involving the network’s late founder and , Roger Ailes.“You could tell it was going to be a goat fuck,” Bannon recalled.His hatred of the weakling Jimmy Carter soon transubstantiated into trembling worship of Ronald Reagan.

From the start, Bannon seems to have been a younger version of Pat Buchanan: a noisy, brawling, bred-in-the-bone anti-Communist.

Educated by Benedictines at a Catholic military school, he went on to Virginia Tech and then enlisted in the Navy in 1977.

He was a navigator on a destroyer in the North Arabian Sea in 1980 when the Carter administration was putting the last touches on its disastrous secret mission to free the Iran hostages.

Bannon had the fanatic’s insatiable need to find, or invent, cartoon heroes and heavies. Enrolling in the Harvard Business School at twenty-nine, he outperformed his younger classmates but remained rough around the edges and was lucky to land at Goldman Sachs in the Gordon Gekko era.

Like Trump, Bannon gravitated to media—not in Manhattan, but in Hollywood.

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Six months into Donald Trump’s presidency, the bond between him and his base remains strong, largely unaffected for now by the mounting scandals, talk of impeachment, and Trump’s stalled agenda.

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