Rachel and aneesa dating

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Rachel and aneesa dating

The preview of next episode looked interesting to me, some CT and Diem drama… Their comments are hilarious and I love seeing them work together ’cause it’s so much fun to watch. Do agree with Robin saying that she has no say at all in making their decisions, which in one way, I understand, but I do think it’s unfair. With them as well, I think their personal issues are breaking in to their performance.

The fact that CT is by far the strongest and most athletic dude in the house and them not having won a thing yet, proves that, since Diem is quite a good competitor in my book too.

I hope they’ll be able to break up Johnny’s power of the entire house, even though I have a feeling that’s going to be tough.

And yes, they’re back as well; this week’s greatest quotes!

Jasmine and Tyrie ended up last place -thank God no Robin & Mark, who were second to last-, and were directly sent into the Dome.

Johnny and Camilla decided that it was a nice thing to bring back Johhny’s old issues and sent in Rachel and Aneesa.

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That girl honestly goes crazy when she’s drunk, my god.

Emily & Ty, Johnny & Camilla en Mark & Robin all did good, I personally thought pretty much all of them did good, but I was so happy to finally see true vets Mark and Robin win! I personally didn’t think it was that awesome that they put Emily and Ty in the Dome against Cara-Maria and Abram, who performed the worse. I have a soft spot for Johnny and I think he’s behaving quite well this season haha, and I just think they’re cute, even though I don’t really like Camilla.

Emily and Ty are an amazing couple, I think Ty is a real surprise, and I think they proved to be better then, for example, Paula and Dunbar. -: Cara Maria and Abe’s conversation about moving in. Until Cara decided she didn’t want him to move in after all. As far as their performance’s go; they’re super steady. I think these women are doing good, considering they’re the only same-sex couple.

Fine by me, but I hated the fact that Camilla started drama between Rachel and Mark.

It was nice knowing those have a friendship outside of the show and I’m just wondering how much is true of what Camilla said about Rachel wanting to throw Mark under the bus.

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