Punk dating london

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Punk dating london

‘The people who have a punk spirit now are the people making grime music, or in their bedroom making tracks, and putting things out there without a label,’ says rock critic David Smyth.Similarly, online self-publishing allows anyone to set up a blog, vlog or Twitter account.‘It was a stand against the mismanagement of the world and the corruption of power.’ In this sense, it seems as potent now as ever.Matthew Worley, author of the forthcoming No Future: Politics, Punk and Society, 1976-84, argues you can find punk spirit in the revival of far-left politics: ‘You can draw a line from bands like Crass to the anti-capitalist protests today.’ Likewise the refusal of hacking group Anonymous to kowtow to anyone’s rule of law.With its inherent perversity, it could be seen to sum up the punk movement as a whole.

‘Punk,’ says Dame Vivienne Westwood, ‘planted an attitude: Don’t Trust Governments. The then girlfriend of Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm Mc Laren, she was at the vanguard, designing clothes inspired by bikers, fetishists and sex workers.

‘It seemed to be an expression of London at that time,’ says Jon Savage, punk chronicler and author of England’s Dreaming, the seminal history of the movement.

‘There was a sense of “we won the war”, but the punks were saying “no we didn’t really — because look around at the state of everything”.’ It became a phenomenon, encompassing music, fashion, politics, art and film.

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whether they were young, whether they just didn’t agree with what’s going on or they were gay or a “bit too arty”.’ In this, punk has almost universal relevance.

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