Plural marriage dating site dinner dating over 50s

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I believe in Polygamy, but do not practice it because my wife does not agree with it.

They're just afraid God or their husband will backhand them if they don't cooperate.

I'm with Cattknap, just forgo marriage if you want to play that game.

A pride of lions has several females and one dominant male who is over the pride.

When juvenile males born into the pride are old enough, they are driven off by the dominant male.

The first wife must give her consent, and even then, would-be polygamists have to get permission from a court of law to marry other women.In my book self control and being faithful are two aspects of being a real man or woman.From the little bit I understand about it, most women in those relationships are not terribly happy about sharing.I probably need to do more research before making a final decision...but at this point, I would support the ideal of legalizing civil unions for plural relationships but not marriage.

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For those who may wonder, NO I am not a Mormon, and nor am I a Muslim. A peaceful, earth based religion dating from pre-christian times. What about the female spider who allows a male to mate and then kills him? There's a REASON why those poor little girls are forced to marry at the age of 12.