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Although these variations were created for violin, most of the instruments use them as a starting point for their repertoire.The violin method was compiled and edited by Suzuki.Review pieces, along with "preview" parts of music a student is yet to learn, are often used in place of the more traditional etude books.Traditional etudes and technical studies are not used in the beginning stages, which focus almost exclusively on a set of performance pieces.The parent of the young student is expected to supervise instrument practice every day, instead of leaving the child to practice alone between lessons, and to attend and take notes at every lesson so they can coach the student effectively.This element of the method is so prominent that a newspaper article once dubbed it "The Mom-Centric Method." Although Suzuki was a violinist, the method he founded is not a "school of violin playing" (like the French or the Russian schools of playing) whose students can be identified by the set of techniques they use to play the violin.The Suzuki method does not include a formal plan or prescribe specific materials for introducing music theory & reading, in part because Suzuki created the method in a culture where music literacy was routinely taught in schools.

He also made it clear that the goal of such musical education was to raise generations of children with "noble hearts" (as opposed to creating famous musical prodigies).

He favored a focus on melodic song-playing over technical exercises, and asked teachers to allow students to make music from the beginning, helping to motivate young children with short, attractive songs which can themselves be used as technique building exercises.

Each song in the common repertoire is carefully chosen to introduce some new or higher level of technique than the previous selection.

The central belief of Suzuki, based on his language acquisition theories, is that all people can (and will) learn from their environment.

The essential components of his method spring from the desire to create the "right environment" for learning music (he believed that this positive environment would also help to foster excellent character in every student).

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