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She is very cute but she is very powerful and creative in her world.

The director took me aside and said that I had to be very strong.

Because they failed to mention so many other aspects of Laetitia’s character that emerge during what turns out to be an unexpectedly arresting, funny and sometimes intimidating interview.

Laetitia talks in a virtually fluent (but strongly accented) English that is occasionally punctuated by a French expression or a rare but charming grammatical mistake (at one point, for example, she says ‘the limit is the sky!

She reminds me of a simpler time, a better time, all while making me feel uncomfortable knowing she’s rich as hell and has no need to walk around nipples out…but yet is walking around nipples out…unless that’s just illusion and her nipples aren’t out at all.. Aneta Pajak is a Polish model…like a bowl of GOULASH she’s hot….

She’s 5 foot 9 with a 23 inch waist…she’s a lingerie model for Love and Lemons..which is likely funded by Victoria’s Secret, attempting to not be Victorias’ Secret, you know for the fashioable LA people who don’t want to feel like midrange mall people from the midwest…because that’s how marketing works…but even if it’s not Victoria’s Secret owned, it’s all the same shit…same photos of tall skinny bitches in lingerie…and it’s alright…world needs more panty pics…I don’t see enough of that all day everyday…girls who are variations of this girl…HUMANOIDS everywhere…

’Too nervous by now to attempt to explain any similarities in the relationships between the lovers in the book and the film (for example, in one scene in Tied, set in a restaurant, a waitress asks Laetitia’s character how she would like her steak and her rich, dominant lover answers, ‘She will have it raw. ’) ‘The film is about how far you will go for love.

For an actress it is really interesting to portray a woman who is drawn to this kind of love which is abusive and destructive but also passionate,’ she says a little defensively (the film was not well received by French critics).‘Rihanna cast me for the video as a man would – she is really strong and kind of wild and I had fun working with her.

‘Oui, it is a movie masochiste,’ she says (in French the ‘h’ is not silent as it is in English), shrugging her shoulders before adding, ‘I know of Fifty Shades of Grey but I am trying to understand why you compare it to Tied?

Her name is Scary Spice, because she’s crazy…out of control and unstable…rocking a see through shirt with her nipples all over the motherfucking place and you know what…I WANT MORE…

Embarrassingly enough, she was the Spice Girl I used to jerk off to back in their first video, when internet porn took too damn long to download and her hard nipples were hard…that was over 20 years ago I think, in what may seem crazy but when looking at her, seems accurate because it would take about 20 years for that body to look like it does…compared to what it was…

They have a healthier attitude ‘I think I did my job with three children.

And, you know, when I meet women who don’t have children I just want to be them because they have such open minds, such freedom – and I would love that,’ she responds.

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