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It keeps (make)_______ some noise Did they hep you at the repair shop? They agreed (repair)_________ it as quickly as possible 11. I didn't hear of their staying in Leningrad during the blockade. His being stopped by a stranger surprised him very much. His having asked this question shows that he doesn't understand the article.

We can't afford (spend)_________ too much money By the way, something is wrong with our car 9.

My parents don’t mind buying me a new mobile phone for my birthday.

Greg hates speaking about his plans for the future.

Substitute subordinate clauses by the gerundial (or half-gerundial) complex using prepositions if necessary.

- we were informed in the ship having arrived at the port.

We were told that Andrew (go) to enter that college.

In Greece the Olympic Games (hold) once in four years.

We might manage (visit)________ a lot of interesting places there. Sorry, dear,but I dislike (tour)___________ around in the car 5. The children were afraid of making any noise-Mom (sleep). 12.”Oh, Michael,” said Jane, “she’ll never tell us if you talk like that.” a. John asked how was it that they have forgotten it all. John asked how it was that they had forgotten it all. John asked how it is that they have forgotten it all. Akio Morita and his friend started the company after the Second World War. They called a small engineering company Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. There is no fear of the students forgetting the date of the exam. My parents have always dreamed of travelling to Australia.

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She started to learn a foreign language after leaving school. They continued talking without paying attention to my question. He sent e-mail list before turning off his computer. My parents have always dreamed pf travelling to Australia. Ha hates to talking to someone about their problems.

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