House wife aunty details

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House wife aunty details

The madness is so compelling; it still takes me by surprise as to why people don’t realise that there’s a need to step away from the traditions built long ago by women of the pre-partition subcontinent.

In those times, our women lived in a confined, restricted world, with no exposure even to the village a few miles away, let alone international cultures across oceans.

All of this, obviously, after she has finished a couple of semesters at one of the top Ivy League universities in Pakistan. If you do end up fighting your way into acquiring a degree, the aunties are seen promptly noticing the achievement along with one other factor, Of course, the intelligence and educational background in this case has no bearing on their decision.

Due to factors such as these, marriage, to me, became a revolting prospect.

The whole idea of in-laws who expect their prospective daughters-in-law to be educated from the best institutions of Pakistan, and yet, demand they give it all up after marriage and act the part of the impeccable housewife just made no sense to me. The idea that a large part of the Pakistani society supports this is ridiculous.

I fail to understand the logic behind something like this. Start a married life, or in more appropriate words, start a string of complications? Like I said, being educated does have its downfall – you can spot the fool faster than one who is not educated, and that can lead to disastrous situations.

Funds roughly amounting to Rs1,000,000, I might add.

In my opinion, this is not done to choose a girl; this is done so that ‘eligible candidates’ can apply for the prestigious position of being his wife.When the time comes, they set off on mission impossible, choosing, from the shortlisted candidates of course, for girls with the same level of ‘perfection’ as their darling son.In addition to being tall and fair, the girl must be incredibly proficient in the kitchen.Even though you have no idea about somebody’s life, it would be great to just whip out a killer line like this one on them every now and again. This Victorian-sounding nugget would be perfect, if it hadn’t already been taken by the Real Housewives world.This has become something like Phaedra Parks from Real Housewives of Atlanta’s catchphrase.

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You either love or you hate those Real Housewife shows.