Hometown dating a sedating effect

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Hometown dating

“Like, what if my high school English teacher who has three kids shows up for me to swipe on?

I come from a relatively small town; a lot of people stay here after high school.

not a dating app), just before Tinder really took off.

I have therefore only ever briefly used it myself, although I am always an overenthusiastic backseat driver on my friend’s Tinder (and Bumble and Hinge and Ok Cupid) expeditions when they include me.

For many of us, hometowns allow the luxury of a brief period of stasis, a rare few days of doing nothing. Talking about the holidays with my friends after they’d returned from visiting family all around the U. After a few days rooting through high school yearbooks and catching up with parents or siblings, people may start looking for other entertainment.

I at least find that when I’m visiting my family, I turn to my phone for distraction even more often than usual.

Tinder can be a way of finding out how the people you grew up with are While Tinder can be a fun holiday distraction for some, the majority of people I talked to have found it to be a fruitless pursuit, or something better ignored until they return home.

In one way, the temporariness is what’s fun about a hometown hookup if it happens.My parents moved out of my hometown almost as soon as I left for college, and therefore I am obsessed with the idea of other people’s hometowns.Over any major holiday or break from a work schedule, hometowns become a sort of time travel, a way for people who have made adult lives elsewhere to return to their origin story.I don’t want to risk seeing someone I know.”“It’s funny, because these are all the same people from my hometown I see on Facebook,” says another friend, a 28-year old bisexual woman working in the restaurant industry, who is from a town in the San Francisco Bay Area, near where I also grew up.“But when one of them pops up on Tinder, it’s like I’m seeing their secret lives.” The nostalgia of being back home often brings up the desire to see if friends have changed, to check on the people you’ve mostly lost touch with, and see who they have become.

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She pointed out that in many smaller towns and rural areas, these apps are virtually non-existent (the dating pool being too small for them to be very useful) and still regarded very differently than they are in big cities.