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Shout out to the transgender kpop fans who saw hope in Lady, but were heartbroken when they disbanded.Shout out to transgender kpop fans who don’t even know who Lady is, but could’ve benefitted from having their music around.In the end is just a ship (if you guys want my honest opinion super generation probably was the straight ship strategy that SM used before.Summary At Kwanghee Academy, senior high school student Choi Minho is a standout student and athlete who is loved by everyone at his school.As fans have often stated that Amber looks similar to her two labelmates, this comes as a cute and funny joke, just in time for April Fools' Day.

When the two young men finally meet, the cold reception Minho receives from Taemin is shocking…and intriguing. Mokpo player, ready to try his feet at the big league. Physiotherapist, not ready to try his hand at feelings. C'était son rêve d'enfant, ce cirque, cet endroit était tout pour lui. Il savait trop de choses, ça pourrait être dangereux pour lui, pour sa vie. We don’t even understand what living means, yet we make these assumptions and standards to structure morals. There’s only popular opinion and a shallow desire to be “good” or more likely acceptable.

He will not make it easy for Minho to get to know him or get close to him. ) and how they keep their friendship and partnership strong as they discover an everlasting love with each other.

But that’s okay, Minho loves a challenge, and he never, ever backs away from anything he’s passionate about or wants desperately. This is an AU fic about two lonely souls, Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho, who are desperate to escape the darkness in their lives and find light, hope and happiness with each other.

According to Henry, the two bumped into each other on the streets as he captioned his video post with “@ajol_llama”.

Both under SM Entertainment, the two artists display a close relationship as Amber feeds Henry and "accidentally" smudges the sides of his mouth with the brown dessert.

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Eighties era It was love at first sight when Yiyun first saw Yoona in the eighties in high school. I must say that I’ve neve No importa cuánto intente alcanzarte, jamás logro tomar tu mano.

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