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Names like those clearly indicate that these users are looking for a hot hookup, so unless you’re down for a fling, you might want to click the x.

OK, so someone has caught your eye with a swoon-worthy profile pic and a super cute username, so now you’re actually taking the time to read their bio.

“You have one chance to make a first impression,” says Ray, and a quick way to make a bad first impression when online dating is to have a bio full of spelling mistakes or bad grammar.

“It’s a red flag because it’s a sign of laziness,” she says.

Given that a photo is worth 1,000 words, a profile pic is a v.

We understand that you are vulnerable by putting yourself out there.Tell her why you are interested, what you like about her bio, and then get on to asking her out on a date.That is so sweet that you love your mom and your best friend.“Poor grammar and spelling mistakes just show that this is how this person shows up, this is who you get.” Once you make it to this stage, things are starting to get real—but there is still time to take note of some red flags that might indicate meeting up for a date is not the best idea.If someone messages you and then disappears for weeks at a time, it’s a pretty clear sign that they may not be as invested in the online dating process as, perhaps, you are. On the flip side, Ray says it’s a red flag (and could possibly indicate a scammer) if someone gets real romantic real quick, for instance saying how much they like you before they’ve even met or gotten to know you.

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So as we enter into cuffing season, get ready to swipe in search of that special someone—but keep these red flags in mind.

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