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Dating want let go

She is a relationship coach and works to get singles over their hurdles and under the chuppah.Leah’s specialty is in getting to know singles and helping them have a deeper and clearer picture of who they are and what they are looking for in a partner. She lives in Israel in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel with her husband and four children.You’re likely to want to move a relationship along prescribed lines and most people will resist being dominated or controlled.Even if you find a partner who’s happy to go along with your plans, life has its own way of throwing curveballs and there are many things that you won’t be able to control.Maybe you found when you were small that it was much safer if things were predictable, or if you always knew how things should be done.The trouble with applying these life lessons to your love life is that it will stop you from really being able to relax and let things develop.While there are things beyond your control, you have the ability to navigate through the dating process.May we all be blessed with a sweet new year full of faith and the ability to let go and find th relationships we desire. Leah Cheirif runs the Israel branch of Marriage Minded Mentor.

It's something I'm extremely passionate about, and it's something I know can change your lives for the better.

Self-regulating The only thing you really have any control over is your perception.

You can’t stop someone from getting ill or being late for your date; you can’t stop it from raining on your wedding day, or predict the numbers that will come up on the lottery, but you can control how you respond to life.

Letting go of the outcome Would it be so bad if you let each day unfold?

All you have to do in any situation is mind your own business.

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Show up to the date, wear what you feel comfortable in but let go of any expectation about what ‘should’ happen, or any story you’ve told yourself about how things will develop.

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