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Until recently there was a good example of a side-by-side secretary in the second floor office of the historic home of John Muir in Martinez, California.

The attic of this home also had a good example of a portable desk.

In a taxonomic sense one could sometimes say that all desks which have the capacity to close off the working surface are secretaries, while all others are simply desks, but such a division would be too broad to be useful.

To add to the confusion, certain forms of the secretary desk are called escritoire, usually when the bookcase section is covered with glazed panels instead of wooden doors, but the term escritoire is also sometimes used to define a very portable writing slope, which is it at the other extreme in terms of bulk and weight.

The age factor is subjective: general antique stores label objects 50 years or older as antiques.

Fine antique dealers consider objects 150 years and older to be antique.

The desk described here is most correctly termed a secretary and bookcase.

There is no unanimity on this term, even among specialists.

Antique stores are a good place to find furniture to refinish, but expect to pay for these pieces.You may also discover a real antique or two -- pieces handed down through the family for generations.Other good sources are secondhand stores, household auctions, and garage sales.In Europe the same piece of furniture has been called bureau and bookcase and then desk and bookcase.Also, the general public usually calls this kind of desk a secretary, or secrétaire.

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The secretary is one of the most common antique desk forms and has been endlessly reproduced and copied for home use in the last hundred years.

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