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The Vale of Pickering Research Trust has also provided support for the excavation works.The world-renowned Star Carr site, which dates back to 9,000BC, was first discovered by local man John Moore in 1947 after he came across a flint blade in a field and began digging for artefacts.

Most importantly, work with an agent or broker who has experience insuring historic properties.He found a number of other significant sites in the area before excavation went ahead between 1949-19-1989.Dr Conneller, Dr Milner and Mr Taylor recommenced excavation in 2004."It brings out the similarities and differences between modern life and the ancient past in a fascinating way, and will change our perceptions for ever.I congratulate the research team and look forward to their future discoveries." The research has been made possible by a grant from the Natural Environment Research Council, excavation funding from the British Academy, and from English Heritage, which is about to schedule the site as a National Monument.

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They migrated from an area now under the North Sea, hunting animals including deer, wild boar, elk and enormous wild cattle known as auroch.

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