Dating advice for men forums show thread perth scotland dating

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Dating advice for men forums show thread

Replying instant lowers your status as "the prize".If you decide to wait awhile, maybe a few hours before replying.Although i kinda disagree with stuckey's interpretation.To me, the "waiting" is more not initiating a conversation and stuff rather than leaving them hanging for you to text them back in the middle of a convo.

Calling them or messaging them 10 seconds after you meet them makes you seem needy. Yes, if you don't call them tiil lwhenever it might also mean you don't give a **** about them but for some reason that is ok.IMHO the techniques are simple but not easy, require sustained practice if you want any real benefit, and long term investment (years of practice) will provide (imho) a substantial long term return.I have met lots of men in the esoteric Taoist community who believe that keeping or cultivating this energy makes them more attractive to women, however I've never seen any evidence this is true - I've asked women in the esoteric Taoist community - and most of the guys who I've heard make the claim sleep alone. But every girl is different so it is not like it works all the works better if a girl already has some liking to you already.From what I know if a girl messages you, if you reply instantly it shows that..

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Before that it was fantastic, received a lot of compliments and she was the one that told me at least 3 times that she wants to continue to see each other, so I don't see what else it could have been. When can a man start talking about personal chit and his insecurities?