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Brandon flowers dating charlize

, is shiny with Eighties and Nineties hooks and sounds: synth stabs, electro beats, reverb-laden drums, crunchy guitar riffs. ' And I said, 'Well, something that's like 'Smalltown Boy' would be cool.'"After some back and forth, and having received "some chords" from former Swedish House Mafia members Axwell and Ingrosso, Flowers wrote "I Can Change".

So I keep this bag in a drawer by my sink in the bathroom."Late spring 2015, then, finds Brandon Flowers baby-smooth of face and very pop of sound. They all sent me tunes – songs you hear on the radio [now]. So anyway, part of all that was them asking me, 'Well, what would you like?

Actress, producer, director, fashion model Note – She has two kids – son Jackson Theron (adopted in 2012) and daughter August Theron (adopted in 2015).

In a shaded corner of the leafy grounds of West Hollywood's Sunset Marquis hotel, Brandon Flowers is threatening to show me his bag of hair. And just in case there were room for doubt as to his intentions, this forensically focused, vaultingly ambitious artist has gilded the lily by recruiting era-appropriate guests Bruce Hornsby, Bronski Beat's Jimmy Somerville and Tennant himself. He then approached Somerville for clearance to use a sample from "Smalltown Boy". But we got the OK, and it turned out great."Like his ambition, Flowers' Anglophilia knows no bounds.

No, this is not a precept of the faith of the most famous Mormon in rock. "Well, Neil was dead-on with his observation," replies this lean, fidgety singer who habitually (and nervily) cracks his knuckles. Somerville appears on the glorious "I Can Change", via a sample of his former band's defining hit, "Smalltown Boy". There have been rumours of him appearing on Duran Duran's upcoming, Mark Ronson-produced new album, but he squirms when I mention this."No… Well, I might be on a new New Order song," he says eventually.

Nor is it a promotional gambit tied to his second solo album, the exuberantly catchy – even though the 33-year-old worries that the title, taken from a medical aid he can't quite recall, may have originally referred to the hair-restorative Rogaine. It's all black but about half way up you start to see some greys. "And putting the hair in the bag has sort of become a ritual, I guess. It feels like a summer anthem-in-waiting, a retro-futurist disco classic. "So that's cool," he smiles, very pleased, not least because The Killers took their name from a fictitious band in the video for the Mancunian outfit's 2001 single "Crystal". I'm definitely not gonna be able to be on both of them."If he had his way, politics be damned: Flowers would readily share a mic with Bernard Sumner and Simon Le Bon.

Flowers wrote the lyrics to the single "All These Things That I've Done" and its popular refrain "I Got Soul, But I'm Not A Soldier" that numbered among the "100 Greatest Songs of All Time" by The Daily Telegraph and earned one of the band's seven Grammy nominations.

The video for "Crossfire" featured actress Charlize Theron and was nominated for Best Video at the NME Awards.

Flamingo was Flowers' fourth consecutive studio album to reach no.

According to Wainwright, Flowers was "very flattered and somewhat bashful" about this tribute.

The album drew heavy influence from Flowers' hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, and earned Flowers a Q Award nomination for Best Male Artist (2010).

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Brandon Richard Flowers (born June 21, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

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