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Even the combined fear factor of Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula and the Wolf Man can't make up for the fact that Stephen Sommers forgot to write a plot.

Unfortunately for Goyer, that's him too "Were it not for Spider-Man 2, X2, and The Incredibles, the premise of a superhero greeted by a hostile public might have carried some novelty, but Blade: Trinity does nothing more ambitious than continue a sputtering franchise" - Scott Tobias, A. Club If the Wachowskis' sci-fi trilogy jumped the shark in its second instalment, it was still watchable hokum.The result was a messy end for Christopher Reeve's much-loved Superman.The worst of its kind of ' Sword and Sorcery' adventure tales, this managed to alienate its core fan base (the original boardgame players) by ignoring all aspects of the game, and alienate the general movie-going public by being utter cinematic bum gravy of the highest order.Even Hugo Weaving's trademark "Mr Andersssssson" seems an 's' or two OTT.This Biblical satire promised much: the return of Harold Ramis, the yin-and-yang comic talents of Jack Black and Michael Cera, and a high concept that promised to do for the Old Testament what Spinal Tap did for cucumber-packing rockstars.

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Managing to ride roughshod over the original game's plot (Valkyries, anyone?

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  1. This was especially true when the two shows entered syndication; in fact, in 1996 the revivals of both The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game were sold as a package called "The Dating-Newlywed Hour".