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Anne hathway dating

A pleasant surprise, there's a little something for all age groups - and both sexes - in this bewitching fairy tale.

The Ella of "Ella Enchanted" is a beautiful, intelligent young woman who holds her own in a medieval world.

She is also a fantastic singer, so she has it all,” says O' Haver.

INTERVIEW WITH ANNE HATHAWAY (' Ella'): Are you concerned that you're becoming the new 'princess-in-waiting' on screen these days?

And then once I knew I would be doing a whole ninja sequence at the end, I was like, "Ok, seriously guys." Like "Come on." Like Lucy Lui, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz got months to prepare. Were there scenes that were tough to get through without laughing and messing up your lines? I would want to be the snake; he was the coolest character.

I had days but then it was just a matter of they would fix everything I did in editing. Tommy O' Haver would come up to me and [say], "Ok, now just imagine there is a snake right there, step on him and kick it." And I was like, "Imagine there's a snake right there, step on it and kick it? The thing I loved about Heston was, in fairy tales particularly nowadays when people can be a little bit more cynical than maybe they would have been 30, 40, 50 years ago, Heston voices the opinion of a lot of people when they're watching it.

Both those characters are modern girls with very clear ideas of what they want to do in life.

I read it and was just floored by it and thought, “My God, I wish that I'd known about this book when I was 10.” I would have loved it and read it every night.So I guess a part of me is just trying to reconcile my inner child and apologize to her. But yes, I think certainly who I am, I believe I've always been a big believer in equality. I love singing and it’s something that I really enjoy doing, but I didn't want it to appear obnoxious in the film.No one has ever been able to tell me I couldn't do something because I was a girl, so I guess in that, I do have that in common with Mia and Ella. There have been times when I've seen actors do it, where all of a sudden the character has nothing to do with having a good voice and they bust out this Aretha Franklin-style vocals against full orchestration."Ella Enchanted" is a captivating fantasy film, full of romance and humor, headlined by Anne Hathaway (' Ella') and Hugh Dancy (Prince Charmont).Though at first glance "Ella Enchanted" appears to be a movie strictly for teenage girls, mixing action, adventure, comedy, strong characters, and a love story, "Ella Enchanted" is hard to define and even harder to dismiss as simply a 'teen' film.

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But also when you sing on stage and people are a ways back from you, you can actually pronounce words properly and not have it look stupid. I just trained with a kick boxing instructor for about a month beforehand, and I worked with a mime for 2 weeks. I knew that there were actually skinny men inside these enormous, enormous suits and they're just funny. Did you really join Hugh Dancy on a drinking spree in Ireland when he was exploring the pubs?