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I already have a handful of great consumer cameras -- shouldn't I be able to use one of those?

In reality, that's easier said than done: Most cameras simply aren't designed to push a live feed out to a PC.

“While many may cringe at this, the eagles bring squirrels, rabbits, fish (and other animals) into the nest to eat multiple times each day,” the society said.

The great outdoors-- nothing compares with a little fresh air and scenic beauty.

Most of the time, I buy cameras for specific purposes.

My DSLR exists to capture vacation photos and product shots for Engadget reviews.

Our sleep system is easily bunkable to save tent space and supports up to 500 pounds on each level.

[Sorry, birdwatchers: People think you’re creepy] Here’s the video. Live-cam viewers, of course, saw it all play out, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that some were “squeamish or disturbed.” The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania responded on its Facebook page with a post reminding people that nature “isn’t always kind or pretty.” (Case in point: After a baby bald eagle died on another webcam in Hanover, Pa., its carcass “eventually deteriorated and was slowly stomped into the structure of the nest,” the Post-Gazette reported.) The Pittsburgh cat was probably already dead when it was brought to the nest, the Audubon Society said, though it wasn’t clear whether it met its demise at the claws of an eagle.

Disc-O-Bed also offers a range of accessories for storage and comfort.

For more space under or between cots, accessorize with our optional leg extension. Now they can be comfortable, too, with Cam-O-Bunk from Disc-O-Bed.

That's basically it -- and with the exception of a few hiccups, it actually works really well.

This is mostly because of how your PC recognizes the Cam Link compared to most HDMI capture cards.

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