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I waited and waited hoping for it to settle down but after a year, i'd had enough and asked for it to be removed.

It wasn't just the spotting for me, I became on edge, put on weight, became spotty, mood swings..just didn't agree with me at all.

On the other hand, I know of 2 friends who've had it, and after the initial month or two have had no bleeding what so ever. Had my second one fittted in November and have been on 3 weeks off 2 It is starting to get me down a little bit but I live in hope as it's starting to get a little bit lighter every time.

I'd give it a few months to settle and then see what you think. I had a normal period this months and no spotting since (about 2 weeks) but before that it was just like you describe. Like you my first mirena stopped me bleeding completely and I was very excited to be period free again after my ds was born.

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