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Adobe flash play is not updating

Adobe has released fifteen Flash Player security updates over the past year.

In 2010, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs shared his "Thoughts on Flash," in which he favored open web standards such as HTML5 over Adobe Flash.

Refer to your distro’s documentation and install the package that provides Pepper/PPAPI Flash.

You can also use this script if your distro does not provide a Pepper Flash package.

Vivaldi smartly determines which is the most recent version if both are available.

If you are an Ubuntu user, you can issue the following commands in a terminal window to enable the Ubuntu partner repository and install the Official Adobe Flash package: Restart Vivaldi and you should now have a working copy of Flash.

The Adobe Flash Player Installer dialog will launch.

When prompted to Update Flash Player Preferences, choose the recommended Allow Adobe to install updates radio button if you would like to receive Flash Player updates in a timely fashion.

If you are noticing a “Couldn’t load plugin” or “You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content” message in these browsers when you tried to view flash-content on web pages, then you have to install Pepper Flash, follow the below instructions to install Flash player in Vivaldi browser.Likewise, Google Chrome will automatically update Flash Player to version "About Google Chrome" under the Tools menu to verify the browser is up-to-date.Jobs said Flash Player was "the number one reason Macs crash," while criticizing its performance on mobile devices."Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice," he opined.

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We now look in the install location used by the Official Flash package provided in the Canonical partner repositories on Ubuntu Linux.